A Conversation with Charlie Munger @ U Michigan 2010 (Transcript)

In 2010 Charlie Munger and Becky Quick had a 2 hour conversation at the University of Michigan. While the video was great (and freely available online), I wanted a transcript. There is something about reading that I like better than watching and didn't want to risk anyone deleting the video online and having 2 hours of classic Charlie lost forever.

Don't miss out and purchase a copy today for $40

What you should know:
  • The transcript is 16,165 words.
  • There are a few places that were indecipherable.
  • As with other transcripts I've done, I've made the price really low so that everyone can afford a copy. By purchasing a copy you agree not to share it.
  • The PDF does not allow copying-and-pasting and contains a light watermark.
  • I'll send you an email with your personal PDF copy within 24 hours. 
  • The content of the transcript is intended solely for the entertainment of the reader.

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