(Unofficial) Transcript of The Morning With Charlie

If you're looking for a complete (unofficial) transcript of the morning with Charlie look no further—I've (painstakingly) transcribed 21,296 words—that's 45 pages!

However before you shell out $30 for a transcript, I think most your hunger will be quenched by the free notes that Ben Claremon put together and Munger's Parody. If, however, you're a die hard Munger fan that couldn't make the meeting and need to know every last Mungerism, this is for you.

What you should know:
  • There are a few places that were inaudible. I've also done some light editing, and, for my sanity, I removed the long preambles to questions where questioners praised Charlie or whatnot.
  • The PDF does not allow copying and pasting and contains a light watermark.
How could I do this? Simple. I asked. The morning with Charlie was not a "Wesco" meeting, and according to the event staff—and all material provided—there were no restrictions on recording the meeting.

Still interested? Purchase the transcript for $30 and I'll send a PDF copy to the email address provided within 24 hours.

The content of the transcript is intended solely for the entertainment of the reader. I've never transcribed anything in my life so odds are, mistakes were made. In no way should anything in the transcript be relied upon in making any decisions. 

Furthermore, by purchasing a copy of the transcript you also agree that you will not post it on the internet or otherwise distribute.

Munger's Parody

Handed out at today's Meeting.